Kumpulan SMS asyik!

Jumat, Oktober 05, 2007
Berikut ini adalah kumpulan dari SMS-SMS yang sempat "Hinggap" di Handphoneku selama kurang lebih 3 tahun, entah diterima, sudah dikirim, ataupun masih dalam rencana mauw dikirim....

Silahkan bagi anda yang mauw contek ato hanya sekedar dibaca aja.. ok!

. ()````() WAIT!

("( 'o' )")
( . /
( . )

( -O- )
( . )
(``) (``)
I have to pray & ask
Ask Allah 2 take care
Of "U" when "U" r Sleep.

Night doesnt become beautiful with star studded sky & full moon,It becomes beautiful when u go to sleep
and let stars & moon admire ur innocence..Good night,,,

It's a lovely msg to a lovely person from a lovely friend on a lovely reason at lovely time from a lovely mind in a lovely style to say u good night.

laSt niTe
i cLoSeD
my eYes
n saW u
iN mY dReaM
i fOuNd U
moSt haPpiEsT
in tHis woRlD
iF tHis iS
tHe waY 2
c U hApPy
i wiSh mY
eyEs cLoSes

Had I the heavens' embroidered cloths,
Enwrought with golden and silver light,
The blue and the dim and the dark cloths
Of night and light and the half-light,
I would spread the cloths under your feet:
But I, being poor, have only my dreams;
I have spread my dreams under your feet;
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams

Never say ur happy when ur sad , Never say ur fine when ur not ok , Never say u feel good when u feel bad, And never say ur alone when i am still alive....

2eyes r best frend
both w' blink togther,mov cry,c&sleep togthr,bt if c a girl only 1blink
so a girl cn brek frendsip

People live people die, people laugh people cry, Some give up some will try, some say hi some say bye, Others may forget u but never will “i”.....

Words begin with ....A....B....C....Number begin with....1....2....3....Music begin with....SA....RE....GA....BUT....? FRIENDSHIP begins with....'You&Me'

if ten people cares for u one of them is me if 1 people care 4 u that would be me again. If no one cares for u "I AM NOT IN THIS WORLD ANY MORE.........."

Dear God, thank you for making me healthy. Can you also make me sexy? If you can't make me sexy, please make all my friends fat.

Friends are just like stars. You don't always see them, but you now they are there for you.

God in heaven God above please protect the friend i love.Sent wiv a smile:-) sealed with a kiss.i love my friend whos reading this.

ur a mate wid a heart of gold.how much u mean to me can never be told.ur sum1 2b talked bout so sweet and true.1 in a million dats u.

U've touched my heart uve touched my soul.bcos of u I now feel whole. U'll always b my closest friend.u'll b in my heart 2 the very end.

In ur darkest hour wen ur fed up & blue.just remember this I'll always be there 4 u.Im no angel N cant change ur fate.but I'll do anything 4 u coz ur my m8.

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SORRY Dont get confused, arey baba 'SORRY' means S - SOME O - ONE'S R - REALLY, R - REMEMBERING Y - YOU.

I'm sorry to be smiling every time you're near. I'm sorry my eyes twinkle whenever you're here. I'm sorry that cupid has made his hit. I'm sorry I love you, I can't help it.
sorry ........sorry............sorry

Onetime 2 any1

< ( . . )>
/ ( v)
Hello, How R U?
< ( . . )>
/ (v )
( , , )..( ,, )...
R U bored from MY SMS!
< ( . . )> S o r r y
/ ( v )(,,) again!

SORRY.... SORRY.... SORRY.....SORRY....Dont get confused ,Arey Baba SORRY means: S-Some,O-One Is,R-Really,R-Rememberinhg Y-You.....Have A wonderful day....

One tree can start a forest, One Smile can start Friendship , One touch can show luv n care, & One friend like u can make life worthliving!

Passion running trough my veins, trembling, waiting, reason is fading. Overpowering desire set

Be smart, be clever, put me in your heart, 4ever.

Hello! What's wrong with your mobile Tried so many times but it says"The subscriber your are trying to reach is in your heart"!!

Rose are waiting for hours, need one touch of yours, my life is like a rose. need one love dose flowers grows with love & sunshine, &i'll live till you remain mine.

9 lessons in life:
Learn 2 care, learn 2 smile, learn 2 cry, learn 2 give, learn 2 forgive, learn to share, learn to trust, learn 2 love & learn 2 SMS me DAILY...!!!

sweet but not honey, precious but not money, bright but not sunshine, Improves with time but not wine, dont know?? ,it's me..!

Longest love is mother's love,Shotest love is other love, Sweetest love is Lover's love, but Strongest love is friend love., like u and me!

Kira2 sapa hayoo yang mauw dikirimi SMS macam gitu..??

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kamenishi_ryuichi mengatakan...

walah pak... kok bikin post tentang sms?? ^^' tp asik jg kayaknya bisa dicomot dikit2 deh smsnya XP
waktu baca profile pak yulius bikin kaget, ngga nyangka pak yulius bakal nulis my lovely BoA *jok marah lo pak.. becanda doang..* yah tp aku ya sama ae kok. sukanya jg j-pop, tp demennya ma boyband2nya.. ^o^v

dr salah satu anak x-g... ^^

little. t mengatakan...

HUAHAHAHHA~!!! terharu... sambil senyum2 huahaha... mau`!!!!! mo ketawa kagak isa di perpus yg su e pi ne sak ampun.. haha...
haha dapet dari mana tuh ses??? mau lagiii ^^