If woman cries in front of you...

Rabu, November 10, 2010
If a woman cries in front of you,
It means that she couldn't hold it for any longer.

If you hold her hands when she was crying,
She will stay with you for your whole lifetime.

If you let her go,
She will never be just like she used to be anymore...

A woman won't cry easily,
Except if her beloved one was standing right in front of her. She will
become so weak, for all of a sudden.

If a woman ever shed her tears for you,
Please, just hold her hands with care.
She will be the one who will stand by your side in all of your way.

If a woman ever shed her tears because of you,
Don't let her go and don't ever let her lost in vain.
Because one decision of yours might take a great effect in her whole life.

When she cries in front of you, when she cries because of you,
Just look at her eyes and see…
Could you see and feel the pain that she hold inside?

Think of it,
Who else will cry for you, right in front of you, with her purely love
that's only dedicated for you.

A tear that she let go doesn't mean that she's weak.
A tear that falls down through her face doesn't mean that she needs
your sympathy.

She let those tears fall down,
Because she knows that it's impossible to cry alone.

Think of it…
If a woman ever cries because of you, only for you,
Now is the time to see what you've done for her.

It's only you who know the answer.

Think of it...
Because one day,
Maybe it'll be too late to regret all of it.
Maybe it'll be too late to say, "I'm Sorry."

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