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Kamis, Juni 01, 2006
Welll now day there is a new topic or logic to think, it's called Object Oriented

and the pioner for that kind of think is C++ and growwing to JAVA language.
well if you have some problem in learning that, maybe you can try this one!

first of all, try to find the actor and the process, it will be better if you already have the System Flow diagram or you MUST made it by yourself.

the second is, you need to thnik about the relation betwen the actor and the process.
and the last stand is just pray that you did the right way!

but if you frustated, just do this simple trick, try to clam, and JUST RIP THE PAPER!!! and call your friends for help! ^^

Maybe that not as bad as I thought!

see u!

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dcky mengatakan...

The basis of Object Oriented Programming can be found in the
programming language Simula (originally used for simulations for the
Norwegian army), created by Ole-Johan Dahl (Norway) and Kristen Nygaard


This language and its ideas influenced e.g. Alan Kay (USA) (who
developed Smalltalk), and Bjarne Soustrup (Denmark) (who developed C++)

Taken from here