Selasa, September 05, 2006
Well to be honest my life is boring!

we just spend our teenage in school every day, and i just keep losing my faith, if i study hard every day can i be a success people??
maybe you ask that thing to yourself too...

but the one who keep me motivate is my friends, whatever i see at my friends face my spirit is goes up again, i feel like found some family and i want to make them proud with me.

well maybe im just a naive boy, who will try to walk in some path, but please trust me your friends is worth more than any gold in this world.!

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Fansi mengatakan...

yang sabar aja ya mas yuli,,,

smua yang kita berikan akan kembali ke kita juga pada akhirna

hewhewh,, jadi sok filosofis

Aryo?? mmm,,,

sbenerna cocok banged sey

but he's too cool like an ice!

susah,,, T_T

he luvs me, he luvs me not

that's what i'm thinkin bout him

tapi aku berusaha cuek aja,,,

kalo mo bantuin, yang bener dunkz,, jangan ngegojlokin mulu


tetep baca blogQu yang aneh yap

tar aku juga baca blogmu